The Hearing Care Partnership

The team at Eye Folk Opticians are excited to be working alongside The Hearing Care Partnership to provide expert hearing care services within our practice in Folkestone

Working with The Hearing Care Partnership and their trained hearing care professional, we are proud to provide a comprehensive ear wax removal service for those who are experiencing a build-up of ear wax.

Ear Wax Removal

Ear wax is a common presence in our ears, but have you ever wondered about its purpose? 

Ear wax serves as a natural and normal secretion produced by our ears, primarily to safeguard them against harmful bacteria. Typically, our ears are capable of being ‘self-cleaning,’ meaning that ear wax naturally finds its way out of the ear canal without any external intervention, carrying any potentially harmful bacteria along with it. Nevertheless, there are instances where ear wax accumulation occurs and requires assistance for removal. This is where professional ear wax removal services come into play.

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At Eye Folk Opticians, our team collaborates with skilled wax removal clinicians from The Hearing Care Partnership. These experts provide a comprehensive ear wax removal service that incorporates the latest and safest techniques available. During your ear wax removal appointment with us, your wax removal clinician will take the time to familiarise themselves with your specific needs and the extent of wax build-up in your ears. They will then determine the most suitable method for removal, which may involve techniques like microsuction or irrigation. Following the successful removal of ear wax, they will also conduct a quick hearing health check to evaluate your hearing levels and determine whether any further hearing support is necessary.

If you would like to book an ear wax removal appointment at our practice in Folkestone, please call us on 01303 883505, or book an appointment online

If you would like to book an ear wax removal appointment please call The Hearing Care Partnership

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Or book an ear wax removal appointment online

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